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About Us

LifebondXchange S.A. was founded in 2012 as a fully integrated life settlement trading platform with the objective to enable market participants to trade and process their portfolios in a secure and reliable environment.
Since inception, we have conducted auctions and private placements of more than $2.5 Billion in face through our large network of institutional investors always focusing on maximizing the value of our clients’ life settlement holdings.

Our process flows and services are set-up in a way where we structure and accommodate the entire sales process of our clients’ life settlement portfolios, from the beginning to the end:

  • Update portfolio information
  • Portfolio valuation
  • Identification of best sales process execution
  • Structure and conduct the sales process in the form of auctions and private placements
  • Support client through the closing and the documentation process including coordination of all parties involved in the transfer


We offer

… single policy, as well as large portfolio transactions depending on our clients’ needs, acting as their fiduciary, with the primary goal being to maximize the purchase price of their policies.


Lifebond Xchange

… only grants access to its platform to investors after the successful due diligence of their financial capacity and ability to consummate a transaction.

Trading rules and process

… designs are clear, simple and fair granting anonymity to both sides as long as possible during the process. Access to the portfolio data room is only granted to bidders, jointly elected by the seller and LifebondXchange, after validated indicative bids have been received.


Through a high level

… of personal but also technology based interaction, between all parties involved, we ensure stringent guidance as well as transaction efficiency.

Management Board and Executive Team

Moritz Roever

Chairman of the Board

Moritz started his career at Bloomberg, New York, before he joined the investment banking departments of Citibank and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein in Frankfurt. Later Moritz was Managing Director at Germany based Scope Group, a leading European rating agency as well as Managing Director at Seaport Group, a New York based investment bank.

In 2007, he founded Puerta Grande Investment Management in New York/Munich, a full service investment firm specializing until today in longevity linked insurance assets. In 2012 he started LifebondXchange, the first tertiary market trading platform for US Life Settlement in Europe enabling market participants to trade life assets in a fully transparent and efficient manner. Since 2018 Moritz is also owner of and Managing Director at Asset Servicing Group, LLC, one of the leading servicing companies in the life settlement industry.

In addition Moritz has roles as co-founder and owner, investor and business builder in other ventures.

He has been a featured speaker and panelist at many conferences related to the life settlement industry and was featured in dozens of newspapers and magazines.

He holds a Diploma in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the Commercial College Leipzig (Handelshochschule Leipzig HHL).

Mihail Belostennyi

Board Member

Mihail Belostennyj has served as a board member for LifeBondXchange S.A. since 2012. In addition, he is Managing Director at Lux Kapitalmarkt Management AG and serves as a board member for Aktiengesellschaft für Umsatzfinanzierung S.A.. Between 2006 and 2008, Mr. Belostennyj worked at Equity Trust (Luxembourg S.A.) and Fortis Intertrust (Luxembourg S.A.) where he originated and managed various life asset backed securitization structures for its institutional clients. From 2004 to 2006 Mr. Belostennyj was a transfer agent for Citco Luxembourg S.A.’s hedge fund clients. Mr. Belostennyj holds a Bachelor Degree in International Business Administration from Birmingham Southern College (Birmingham, Alabama).

Metin Akyar

Board Member

Since 2015 Metin Akyar has been a board member at LifeBondXchange S.A. and serves as a risk manager and authorized signatory at Lux Kapitalmarkt Management AG. In 2019 Mr. Akyar was also appointed board member at Aktiengesellschaft für Umsatzfinanzierung S.A.. Previously in his career, Mr. Akyar worked as a senior risk- and client relationship manager for Hawk Management S.A., and as a credit and rating analyst at Creditreform KG. Mr. Akyar graduated from Verwaltungs- und Wirtschaftsakademie in Trier, Germany, with a Degree in Business Administration.

Leopold Zahneisen

Senior Director Trading

Leopold has worked in the Life Settlements industry since 2009. Prior to joining LifebondXchange S.A., Leopold worked at The Seaport Group, a globally operating broker dealer where he was Director in the firm’s global insurance markets division, as well as for Puerta Grande Investment Management, a full service investment firm specializing in longevity linked insurance assets.
Prior Leopold worked with the global sales and distribution team at Pioneer Investments Management in Dublin, a global asset manager with $250bn in assets under management. He started his professional career in the program office of Pioneer Investments KAGmbH in Munich accompanying the merger with Activest KAGmbH.

Leopold received a Diploma in Economics from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

Conny Stieler

Executive Assistant

Mrs. Stieler serves as a client relationship manager for both LifebondXchange S.A. and Lux Kapitalmarkt AG. She joined Kapitalmarkt AG in 2009 as an assistant. Prior to that she held various positions in the travel industry. Mrs. Stieler graduated in 2003 from Victoria Gymnasium in Trier.

LifebondXchange SA

5, rue Heienhaff
L-1736 Sennigerberg

Contact Us

T +352 2648 51 22
F +352 2648 51 30

LifebondXchange SA

5, rue Heienhaff
L-1736 Sennigerberg

Contact Us

T +352 2648 51 22
F +352 2648 51 30